Book PR

I have an excellent network of media contacts in the UK and Ireland across a broad range of traditional and new media.  I have worked on almost every genre of publishing, delivering targeted, and impactful campaigns for everyone from debut writers to established bestsellers and celebrities.

I have extensive events and touring experience with excellent contacts amongst literary festival organisers in the UK and Ireland, with bookshops nationwide and with key institutions and organisations like V&A, British Library, 5×15, Intelligence Squared.

The services I offer include:

  • making book announcements
  • selling extract or serial
  • setting up NDAs and embargoes
  • securing reviews in key publications
  • placing features coverage
  • setting up press interviews
  • pitching for broadcast & podcast interviews
  • pitching for radio readings eg R4 Book at Bedtime, R4 Book of the Week
  • arranging blog tours
  • organising launch parties
  • setting up stock signings
  • planning author tours
  • accompanying authors on tour in UK and Ireland
  • booking events with literary festivals

Typically, campaign work starts 4-6 months in advance of publication.  After reading the manuscript, I draw up a publicity plan which gives more detail about the publicity approach, identifying key media targets and outlining a timeline of activity.  I ensure excellent communications with all parties throughout the campaign, produce regular updates and round off with a full publicity report at the end of the month of publication.

Publicity Consultancy

As Publicity Consultant, I offer expert advice to publishing companies on publicity strategy, establishing effective PR systems and developing publicity teams. I am a confident, motivating and extremely effective manager with nearly twenty years experience of building, developing and managing happy and successful teams.

The expertise I offer includes:

  • Auditing the publicity function
  • Building and mentoring publicity teams
  • Improving publicity systems and protocols
  • Establishing publicity strategy for key authors
  • Devising year-round publicity priorities for key genres
  • Making recommendations for publicity spend and budget setting
  • Advising on Best Practice for Author Care & Communications.
  • Writing pitch documents and presenting to prospective authors and agents
  • Making announcements on acquisitions and trade news
  • Creating publicity plans
  • Setting up and running company parties